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Social Club Daycare

Our Social Club Daycare is the perfect fit for all types of dogs! This 10 dog max daycare offering will start with a physically stimulating training session to get those pups moving early in the morning! Our new indoor agility course will be a perfect way to build confidence and offer great exercise opportunities for every skill level. The mid day will focus on every day training opportunities so that our training is very easily transferred back to home. Our mock “studio apartment” set up will allow our trainers to set up opportunities like counter surfing, settling down during meal times and door manners. The day will end with more physical enrichment and controlled socialization to ensure your pup goes home tired! 


You can now submit your daycare requests online!
(for Social Club ONLY)


  • Drop-Off: 7:30 - 9:30A

  • Pick-Up: 3:30 - 5:30P


  • $50/Day

  • 5 Days for $235

  • 10 Days for $450

10921 Excelsior Blvd, Suite 113
Hopkins, MN 55343

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Fill out this form first, then request days on the next form.

Use this link to request days.

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After turning in from Excelsior Blvd, drive around the right side of the bank toward the ATM drive-thru. Behind the bank is the 10921 building, and the Social Club entrance is all the way in the back. The entrance will be to your left, and there's a large banner on our garage.

We have designated spots across from the entrance, which are marked with our logo.

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