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Exploring Tails Camp

Adventure is Barking is thrilled to announce the opening of our "Exploring Tails Camp," a cutting-edge dog daycare and boarding facility that redefines the standard for canine care. Catering to the needs of furry companions, this offering combines our newly established Montessori-style daycare for dogs ("Tail-Tessori") with exceptional boarding services, providing a haven for dogs seeking both mental stimulation and cozy comforts.


Adventure is Barking invites dog owners to experience the unparalleled care and enrichment provided at Exploring Tails Camp.

Whether it's a day of play or a cozy overnight stay, your furry friend is sure to embark on a tail-wagging adventure.

Day Camp

At our "Tail-Tessori" daycare, your dog will embark on a journey of educational and playful activities designed to stimulate their furry intellects.


Their day will include:

  • Individualized training sessions in rooms replicating spaces at home, such as the kitchen, office, and living room

  • Participation in specialized "jobs” that create an enriched environment 

  • Structured play (grouped based on play styles)

We curate these activities to ensure a balance of mental stimulation and playful social interaction during their stay.

Overnight Camp

For overnight camp, your dog will enjoy the complete "Tail-Tessori" daycare experience, including tailored training, structured play, and social interactions.


After the day campers head out, our overnight campers will be treated to a dog-friendly movie and doggie popcorn, for a relaxing end to their busy day.

When it comes time for bed, they'll retire to a personalized crate for a restful night's sleep, complete with blankets and toys from home for added comfort.

At Exploring Tails Camp, we prioritize not just first class accommodations, but a holistic and enjoyable experience for your beloved canine companion.


10921 Excelsior Blvd
Suite 121 (New!)
Hopkins, MN 55343

Cost (Daycare)

  • Single Day - $42

  • 5 Day Package - $200 

  • 10 Day Package - $380


  • Pick-Up & Drop-Off:

    • 7:00 - 9:30A

    • 3:30 - 7:00P

Cost (Overnight)

  • Single Night - $68

  • Late Check-Out (Past Noon) - $20

Screenshot 2024-02-29 at 3.39.04 PM.png

After turning in from Excelsior Blvd, drive around the right side of the bank toward the ATM drive-thru. Behind the bank is the 10921 building, and the Exploring Tails Camp entrance is the second door from the front. We are next to the entrance for the embroidery shop.

Spots are in the front of the building, across from the bank, at Suite 123. There will also be one spot available for a quick drop off in front of our garage door at suite 121.


What does staffing look like?

We will be transitioning our experienced staff to the new facility, ensuring a seamless continuation of top-notch care.


Additionally, we're hiring 3-4 new staff members, with each going through our thorough training program before diving into dog training.

Will someone be there overnight?

Our dedicated team will be present until Midnight, ensuring a safe and comfortable environment for your furry friends to get some rest. The majority of local boarding facilities only staff the facility until 9PM, but our late night trainer will make sure any dogs needing extra attention are settled before they leave for the night. Then, come dawn, our morning team arrives before 6AM to help your dog greet the day.


Beyond that, we go the extra mile by having a nearby trainer on-call to respond in the event of any sort of emergency, and the facility is equipped with cameras, a security system, and state-of-the-art temperature monitoring working 24-hours/day. 


It's our commitment to canine care that sets us apart from the pack! 

Are there live-feeds owners can access?

While we don't have client-accessible cameras, rest assured, your pups are in good paws! Our management team keeps a watchful eye through the cameras, ensuring everyone's safety. For your daily dose of doggy delight, we've got you covered on Facebook – expect daily updates filled with pictures and videos capturing the tail-wagging moments from their day. It's our way of bringing the joy straight to you without the hassle of a blurry camera feed. 

How many dogs will there be at one time?

At any given time, between daycare and boarding, we set the cap at around 30 dogs. Our staff-to-dog ratio will be approximately 6 dogs per trainer to ensure personalized attention. It's all about creating a cozy and engaging environment for each guest! 

Where will dogs go to the bathroom?

We have a state of the art K9 Grass indoor potty area, similar to what you see in other indoor parks around the area. The great part about this is that we will never have to worry about it being too hot or too cold outside, nor the potential for loud noises that could scare dogs like fireworks or construction noise.  


*Outdoor leash walks are available as an add on, by request. 

Do we still offer transport?

Absolutely! Transport services remain a crucial part of what we offer. Existing transport clients are our top priority, securing their spots at the forefront. As capacity allows, we'll gladly welcome new clients onto our transport roster. Your pet's journey with us is in safe and reliable hands! 

Will the Social Club still be open?

Certainly! The Social Club will remain open for business as usual. It remains the go-to daycare for socially selective dogs, and those inclined towards training over group play. 


Additionally, consider renting The Social Club on weekends for a tail-wagging good time! It's not just for your pup's playdates, it can be used for doggie paw-ty's, dog-friendly meetings, and more. The versatile space welcomes various canine events, making it the pawfect spot for both structured gatherings and spontaneous celebrations. Let The Social Club be the backdrop for your pup's special occasions and community connections! 

Will boarding at Sara's still be available?

There will still be a limited number of boarding spots available at the house. These spots will be primarily for board & trains, service dogs in training, and more extreme behavioral cases. There will be a new rate structure for boarding at the house, which will include daycare and transport to the Exploring Tails Camp when needed.  

What if I have prepaid credit on file?

All prepaid credit will transfer over. Prepaid board & train credit is eligible to choose boarding at the house or the camp.  

Still have questions? Get in touch with us today!

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