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About the Owner

Sara Madrinich is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, AKC Community Canine, Canine Good Citizen and Star Puppy Certified Evaluator. She is also a certified PetTech Pet CPR and First Aid Instructor.​


Sara started Adventure is Barking after building and leading training programs at two of the nation's top dog boarding facilities.


Sara has a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical and Health Education and finds that her experience in the teaching field has helped her immensely to effectively teach both dogs and their human owners. ​

Her well-rounded training methods focus on positive reinforcement but include a wide variety of techniques to help all personalities of dogs and their owners to reach their training goals.

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Meet Our Managers

Get to know more about our dedicated leaders at Adventure is Barking.

Karleton Moeller-Reed

Hello! My name is Karleton! This is my dog Harmon. Harmon is a 7 month old Cream Golden. My fiancé Holly and I will always cherish our Staffordshire Terrier, Boxer, Bulldog, Lab Mix named Moose who is no longer with us.


My responsibility at Adventure Is Barking is mainly revolved around Social Media & Marketing. I love meeting new dogs & new people! I'm passionate about bully breed mutts and raw food education. My dream someday is to own a ranch down in New Orleans, Louisiana with enough space to rescue older dogs that might not ever have a chance at a loving home and give them one!


I can't wait to meet you and your dog(s)!

McKayla Kittleson

Hello, I'm McKayla, a dedicated professional in the pet industry with over 10 years of experience. My love for animals has been a lifelong passion, and I currently share my life with two beloved dogs, Thor and Vulcan.

My journey into professional dog training began when I sought help for my senior dog Thor's behavioral issues. Meeting Sara, I gained valuable insights that ignited my interest in dog training. Today, I am most passionate about training and pet health and wellness.

In my current role as Trainer/Manager at Adventure is Barking's Hopkins Social Club, I combine my extensive experience with my love for training. I aspire to create a positive and engaging environment for the dogs in our care.

With a commitment to ongoing learning and a vision for the future, I am excited to continue contributing to the well-being of pets in the professional pet industry.

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Tasha Bourgeault

Hey, Hi, Hello! I’m Tasha, a life long animal lover and a dedicated member of the Adventure is Barking family! 

I’ve grown up with all kinds of animals, my parents always had two dogs growing up, plus I spent many days at my grandfathers farm to help him with his livestock! One of the first things I did as an adult was get a dog with my husband. We decided on a German Shepherd, and now Kronos is now a senior dog who enjoys being lazy and supervising his human family which includes two human kiddos.


My role at adventure is barking is rooted mostly in Social club and helping out McKayla and the rest of the team there, but you’ll find me at our boarding facility from time to time! I’m also the on call trainer as I live practically next door to our facilities. I feel so blessed to have the privilege of being able to spend time with your furry family members and help them to be the very best that they can be. 

Kati Frederiksen

Hello there! I'm Kati, and I share my life with an incredible quartet of canines – Rupert, Merida, Zelda and Levi. Beyond the canine chaos, my home is a bustling zoo with Bleu, my resilient 20-year-old tripod cat, a turtle, and a lively ensemble of lizards, snakes, and arachnids. And let's not forget the two rambunctious human boys who add an extra layer of excitement to our everyday adventures!


My professional journey has always been guided by a love for both people and pets. From my teenage years working in two independent pet stores to dedicating eleven years to a large animal welfare organization and managing a retail pet supply store for seven years, my career has been a constant celebration of the human-animal connection.


As the Human Resources/Internal Communications Director at Adventure is Barking, I wear many hats, connecting the dots between the heart and soul of our organization – the fantastic team members. With a passion for fostering positive workplace environments and facilitating effective communication, I strive to ensure that every member of our team feels valued, heard, and supported.

Jessica Christensen

Greetings, canine enthusiasts!


I'm Jessica, dedicated to canine care and training at Adventure is Barking. Accompanied by the delightful Doc Holiday, an 8-year-old Staffordshire Terrier, Chow Chow, and Cocker Spaniel mix, he's shown me the fascinating world of diverse dog genetics.


My primary responsibilities include orchestrating daycare and boarding activities, as well as conducting puppy classes and private training sessions for dogs of all ages. Witnessing the growth and development of each dog brings me immense joy and pride.


I look forward to the opportunity to meet you and your beloved canine companions!

Meet Our Camper Care Staff

Coming Soon!

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