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Welcome to Northern Blue Chinese Cresteds!

After a lot of thinking, planning and health testing, I am excited to present my official kennel name and logo - Northern Blue Chinese Cresteds. I love Chinese Cresteds because of their fun, adventurous, whimsical spirit and I want to promote more of that within the breed. I will be training every puppy to be either a service dog or a therapy dog; therefore, tying it back to goal of Adventure is Barking. The plan for these dogs is to help people face their fears and tackle their next Adventure. I will continue to use the Adventure is Barking social media pages to talk about breeding, puppies, etc as Adventure is Barking will stay as the training company that will be training the puppies. If you have any questions about responsible breeding, my plans or anything else, please don’t hesitate to reach out! I’m excited about this new endeavor.

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